CRM systems. Is it worth integrating into your business?

Thus, the customer relationship management system is not an easy thing in itself, because it contains many processes, opportunities and complexities. If you take the order, the first are the business processes that the system contains, the processes that it automatically goes through and processes. Then the second point we have the opportunity and here you can write many pages about the pros and cons of such a system, by the way, the cons can be attributed in part to the third point - "complexity". In general, the difficulties are different and everywhere, and this point we will refer only to the development of such a system. The whole development process takes a lot of time, effort, patience and nerves, and the development of such projects is usually allocated to several, and sometimes entire teams. What is so special about this system and why is everyone so eager for it? Let's look at this in the process.


Of course, CRM systems are all different in size, process and functional component, and their purpose is the same. Let's imagine for a moment a full-fledged company with its own customer base, several departments in the structure and many employees, and all this information is either in Excel spreadsheets, or on paper or somewhere else. How convenient is it, given that there are cases when you need to get this or that information quickly and without delay? So we came to the first section.


  1. Customer base. Its capabilities and purpose.

Of course, many of you will say that an Excel spreadsheet with a customer base is no different in appearance from a spreadsheet in a CRM system. In both cases, the columns can be sorted to the desired values ​​or use formulas for calculation or anything else. But the CRM system has many advantages such as interactive data, you can click on the customer's phone number or email address in the table and immediately call him or write a letter to the mail. By clicking on his name, you can open a complete card for this person, with the necessary data for processing. A lot of different details can be attached to a customer's card, such as documents related to him and you, bills and payments, source (where this person came from), general history - calls, negotiations, correspondence, sent media, etc. So, this is a cool advantage if you fully assess the possibilities.


  1. Maintaining a list of concluded agreements and sales management.

Actually nothing changed, also the table with the data or everything depends on imagination, it is possible to organize it in any convenient and clear kind, whether it is tiles grouped on statuses or processes. Each such agreement, in addition to general information, includes your assigned manager (responsible person), company or client and the process of performing tasks. Of particular note, there are stages, statuses and additional information on the agreement or the specific passage of the agreement stage.


  1. Management of tasks and efficiency of employees

Ability to fully control the performance of tasks by employees. You can add to the task all the valuable information that is necessary for its implementation, for example: “We set a task for Ivan Ivanov. We create a new task, name it and write a description of what needs to be done. Then attach the necessary documents, images, data. We choose the executor, Ivan himself, we can also put the person responsible for checking the implementation of this task. Comments help to preserve the history of this task, the whole process. For example, we set a deadline for tomorrow until noon. ” If the task is overdue, the efficiency of the employee is reduced, notification of the task not completed on time comes to both the inspector and the executor.


  1. Analytics and reporting

Forget about the old methods of generating a huge report from all available tables and look at our system. This system generates reports itself, without your participation in real time, your task is to adjust the frequency, date, time and type of report and the system will do everything itself, is not it the automation of enterprise processes?


  1. Business process automation

Ability to create many process scripts. For example, you create a process and there show all the ways of passing the application to the final result. "New scenario - if the application came from the website and contact form, then check whether a new application has been created in the system, if so, attach a manager, if not, other actions." This is a basic example of scripting, of course they can be different, and their creation is usually different.


  1. Integration with other services

Such as mail, IP telephony, website, messengers, social networks and many more. This item refers to the efficiency of the system itself. We can integrate it into any external services and interact directly from the control panel without difficulties and obstacles, and with this the whole system becomes even more efficient.


So, in conclusion, I want to say that although the creation of such a system is a complex process, it will pay off as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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