The importance of theoretical knowledge during the interview in IT

The information technology industry is no longer a secret that is developing very actively around the world, and nowadays, literally in a year, the whole world is trying to move to a more comfortable, information space. Recently, demand, as well as resources, give the opportunity to acquire a new profession, be it a designer, developer, marketer, etc. But can everyone really get the opportunity to work in this field? My personal opinion, NO. Now consider why.


First of all, almost all companies that really need a person for a permanent job, try to "paint" their own vacancy in such detail that they forget who exactly they need and mix the requirements for different vacancies into one.

Secondly, I will not say most but many cases when the person announcing the recruitment and actually posting vacancies is not informed / insufficiently informed / technically unskilled for most vacancies and as a result, he is looking for a person who does not understand why and for what .

Third, formalities in 9 out of 10 companies. This is either a technical interview or a test. There is a third option, both. Of course, some (SOME after all) offer payment for a test or for a successful test, but here is one big BUT… The fact is that in my own opinion it's terrible nonsense that no one ever needs, a person can prepare a cheat sheet, learn from memory (which will still be temporary), find a test solution online and so on. What will it give? Select smart, cunning? Maybe you still need to look for organized, responsible and those who value their work? Who can show in practice, but in practice, that he can, knows and can. This is not a test, this is an online interview with mini-tasks that hold the same requirements in the vacancy. 20 minutes of conversations or text messages and VEIL, you already understand the technical level of the candidate. Still, this is my opinion, but I think there will be many who could add to the list or support my version.


Finally, there is still hope that very soon a more responsible approach and assessment will be found to such professions, based on real knowledge here and now, and not words memorized to the bare ends of nerves. When I started my business, the first thing I did in terms of finding employees was a true and adequate description of the vacancy and identifying the requirements for the vacancy available to the candidate through a practical interview.