Depreciation of the market of IT developers and studios in Ukraine

The market of IT services in Ukraine is a special topic, because not everyone knows how to cook in all this mess, just someone is still a beginner, and someone is too lucky. With the development of technology and the whole industry, more and more enterprises, companies, studios, and therefore sites, projects, applications and more. Of course, along with all this, the demand for these projects has grown, and we will think about it.


With the growing demand for application development and web interfaces, more and more people want to quit their routine job of selling home materials and go to courses, such as typesetter or Frontend Developer, everyone can call differently, but do not change the essence. Today, IT courses are more than sites around the world for sure, IT School on the left, IT College on the right, IT University behind and all in one voice offer what? Of course, own services, as if you, pay the postponed, go to us, we study you for 3 months on (and is and for 6 months and even !! for 2 years), and then you will be a cool IT man, with 30-50 diplomas from Google, Apple, Amazon, eBay, Samsung, Nokia, Sony and the like. We arrange you for work ourselves, we provide everything to the maximum, you most importantly come. Well done, a good approach to selling your own services, BUT…. But everything is very sad, because in most academies, the level described is simply not provided… And a person who pays his own money and who simply does not understand all this, of course will think that he / she is a cool specialist who has to earn already at least $ 5,000.


Here, after six months of study, after another six months of searching for such a job, a person just begins to understand that somewhere I was tricked, brazenly and unceremoniously, and what does she do first? Begins to develop, without hope for these 5,000, as previously thought, now the rate is reduced to a minimum, because he saved, went to study, studied for six months and worked for bread with water (or communal), then just as much looking for work and a whole year he just lost, you need to reflect it somehow. Starts looking for options and oh miracle, we have freelance projects !!! Where most entrepreneurs who want to take development cheaper and do it faster, but what is the price and speed, such is actually the quality. And what our IT man does, finds several projects with familiar names, tags, descriptions, technologies and interrupts all the bets that applied to him, and then, the same he or she comes and breaks the bid of our MEN and so constantly until entrepreneurs who leave projects on freelance projects do not think, and why should I pay about $ 20 per hour, if there are the same pros who want certificates with IT courses for 500 UAH? Finish, end, curtain.


Of course, you can communicate and think on this topic forever, but as always, everyone has their own thoughts and thoughts on this account, and I want to emphasize, names, courses, prices are fictional, this is not an example of someone to emphasize or show, it's just an article.