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Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management system is a necessary tool in the automation of your own business. It is set up to retain and capture the company's customer. Basically, it is a set of business processes in the chain of events, which has its own sequence of actions and consequences of their implementation.

Some processes include

  • automatic reconfiguration of requests,
  • a separate manager for processing incoming and outgoing requests,
  • call history,
  • conversations,
  • correspondence,
  • customer base,
  • video calls,
  • telephony and others.

Such systems also include integration with SMS services, e-mail services, messengers and even social networks. The most popular and convenient tool in process automation.


The DELTAWEB company is engaged in the complex approach to automation of processes of production / the enterprise, for details address on the contact form or according to communication data specified in a header of a site.

You can order the development of a CRM system by calling +380931324753 or fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Technologies for use

Backend framework:

Laravel, Symfony

Frontend framework:

Alpinejs + TailwindCSS


MySQL, MongoDB

Cooperation process

Established implementation processes

Form an idea

From the first minutes, we pay detailed attention to various points, so that in the future there will be no incidents. We form the idea of the future project and discuss it with you

Planning budget

Budget planning also includes all the legal issues that we discuss, sign and conclude in the cooperation agreement.

Prototype and design

From the idea, we start to implement it in the visible area, for visual effect and we think over all elements which are necessary at the following stage.

Layout and programming

Тепер основа, втілюємо візуальну частину в реальність, враховуючи побудову прототипу, формуємо скелет функціоналу та починаємо "посадку" верстки.

We test and pour on the server

We test, correct inaccuracies, if any, prepare the project for launch and fill in the server

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