Learning Management System [LMS System]

One of the most popular systems, especially in the last year, is one and a half, and this is not surprising, because this system is used for online learning in schools, universities and special courses, the latter are especially popular. This system allows you to manage video lessons, access systems, payment and student lists. In general, students belong to specific groups that have some separate access to a particular lesson / course, these accesses may be for a specific period, and may be available for the entire time. Convenient system for opening your own academy with a convenient learning management system. Now there are a lot of ready-made systems and this is only for savings, and where there are savings, there are many disadvantages.


Our company DELTAWEB offers the development of its own training system for you and your academy, which will allow you to manage and configure it much faster and easier. For more detailed information, contact the contact form below or through the contact details in the site header.

You can order the development of a CRM system by calling +380931324753 or fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Technologies for use

Backend framework:
Frontend framework:

The process of implementing the service

  • 01
    Form an idea
  • 02
    Planning budget
  • 03
    Prototype and design
  • 04
    Layout and programming
  • 05
    We test and pour on the server
From the first minutes, we pay detailed attention to various points, so that in the future there will be no incidents. We form the idea of the future project and discuss it with you

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