Trading Platform [Industry / General]

Trading platforms are different, specifically divided into industry and general. Sectoral trading platforms provide an opportunity to place and sell goods of specific categories, for example. The site for the sale of medical instruments and devices cooperates only with those who sell this equipment, and the site for construction devices is only construction. At the same time, the common area may include both categories.

So what exactly is a trading platform? This is a platform that provides an opportunity, namely a service to host products from different manufacturers. For example, a person owns a table and chair company, has his own online store where he sells his own products, and sales have decreased, advertising has not paid off and the marketing strategy has completely depreciated. Now, in addition to selling on his own website and in outlets, he can sell his goods to you, something like renting a place to sell in the market. So you provide services for the placement and sale of goods on your site and have your own profit for it.


Our company DELTAWEB will help you in this, we are engaged in the development of trading platforms, their implementation and advertising. Unique design, professional approach and full promotion of the project will allow you to realize the possibilities. For more detailed information, please contact the contact form below or the contact details in the header of the site.

You can order the development of a trading platform by calling +380931324753 or fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Technologies for use

Backend framework:
Laravel , Symfony , Lumen
Frontend framework:

The process of implementing the service

  • 01
    Form an idea
  • 02
    Planning budget
  • 03
    Prototype and design
  • 04
    Layout and programming
  • 05
    We test and pour on the server
From the first minutes, we pay detailed attention to various points, so that in the future there will be no incidents. We form the idea of the future project and discuss it with you

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